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Moonlight 2022 is the 17th successive edition and has a fresh new look with easy to see bright yellow full moons.

Moonlight is an annual poster-size calendar, produced by Ilona Thorndike, who compiles The Lunar Gardening Guide for “The Gardener/Die Tuinier” magazines and the Moon planting guide in

“Grow To Eat” magazine.

Moonlight Calendar is the visual and timing guide to South African Lunar phases, Lunar Zodiac and Gardening by the Moon.

All stated moon times – i.e. moon phases; times of zodiac changes and times for void of course on Moonlight Calendar are set for South Africa Standard Time (SAST).

SAST is the time zone used by all of South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. SAST is the same as Central Africa Time(CAT) and Eastern European Time(EET) , which is two hours ahead of UTC (UTC+2.)

Moonlight Calendar is the first reference for being in tune with the moon’s cycles – either by phase, sign or fertility mode on any day of the year. Followers include: gardeners, farmers, fishers, planners, photographers and naturalists.

Moonlight Calendar features on each day:

  • shape of the daily moon
  •  the times of the four main moon phases
  • the times the moon changes zodiac signs; zodiac glyph refers to the new sign at the time of the change
  • colour coding showing “fertility” rating of every day
  • the times the moon goes void of course

At the bottom of the calendar there’s a brief text guide to gardening by the moon – for both the waxing and waning phases; and moon energy for best activities


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