How to read your calendar

As the Gregorian calendar month doesn’t coincide with the lunar month, a moon calendar, like Moonlight is an essential tool to track the Moon’s daily position and phases, to Garden by the Moon.

For lunar gardeners and others who like to be in tune with the moon, the start of the Lunar month is New Moon, no matter the date of the month, and ends at dark moon, which seldom coincides with the 1st of the calendar month.

Moonlight Calendar has a host of information for each day of the year on the moon positions for this year.

1) Sun sign for the calendar month. Above the days/dates of each month, on the right side, we’ve included sun in the zodiac sign. For example: January – Sun: Capricorn moves to Aquarius on the 21st @ 11:31. Concluding that from the 1st to the 21st of January the Sun is in the sign of Capricorn and moves to Aquarius on the 21st @ 11:31.

2) The date and day of the week are shown on the first block of each month and is set as a regular calendar from 1 January to 31 December.

3) Beneath the date is a photograph of the moon, as it appears in the sky on any day and shows the progressive shape of the changing moon, increasing and decreases in light.

4) Below the photograph of the moon, is a colour block that relates to the day:

• The background colour – indicates the fertility level of the day

Green = fertile, light green = semi-fertile, yellow = barren, brown = very barren.

• Within the colour background is the zodiac symbol of the moon on that day

 At the bottom of the calendar is a brief additional guide to the moon in the zodiac signs, for gardening activities and the mood energy. Note the differences for activities in the waxing and waning phases.

• on the left hand side, vertically, is the time the moon enters the zodiac sign.

• The last line below the colour block shows the time the VOC begins (see below- for explanation on VOC.) Example of this day: Mon. 2nd the waxing moon goes void of course at 06:25, at 16:20 moves into the sign of Gemini, therefore before 16:20 the moon is in the previous sign of Taurus. To be sure of the sign of the daily moon note the (vertically indicate) time it changes sign.


For lunar gardening the path of the moon against the zodiac band divides the weekly phases into approximately 2 ¼ days period, and reflects the quality of that element - fire, earth air or water. (See Moon in the Zodiac). The colour coded block offers a quick glance to determine the nature of the day – whether fertile, semi-fertile, barren or very barren.

Another aspect of the Moon’s movement, considered by serious Lunar Gardeners is the discernible Void-of-Course Moon periods. These periods vary and occur before the Moon leaves one sign, and ‘enters’ the next sign. Specifically it’s once the moon makes its last geometric connection to a planet before it leaves that sign.

Void-of-course periods vary from a few minutes to many hours. The long periods occur when there are no planets towards the end of a zodiac period and therefore not aspected (viewed or ‘seen’) by the moon. The seven visible planets, like the moon are dynamic, and travel and change signs at varying speed according to their cycles, some as frequent as 30 days and others a lot slower. This may seem complicated and irrelevant, but a brief explanation to understand why the VOC periods varies.

The important information for gardening is not to sow/plant/transplant in the VOC periods, as nothing will come of it. However, as with all rules, there are exceptions worth noting, if unable to delay planting to another ‘good’ day. The effect of VOC moon periods is less in the signs of Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces, as the moon has affiliations or some ‘dignity’ with these signs.

Basic lunar rules


  • Plant above ground produce on the wax on the moon
  • Plant below ground produce on the wane of the moon
  • Avoid planting annuals just before dark moon.
  • Avoid planting on the days the moon changes phase, ( a Moon Calendar provides the exact time of phases) only plant after the exact time, not before.
  • Harvest on a waning moon
  • 1st choice for planting is always a fertile sign, even if planting out of phase.
  • Never plant in when the moon moves through Leo

Secondary Rules:

  • Avoid planting when the moon is ‘void of course’
  • Avoid planting on Sundays
  • Avoid planting on eclipse and nodal days
  • Avoid planting root veg closer than 3 days before New Moon
  • When possible plant when the moon is above the horizon