Water signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

These are FERTILE, so exceptionally good for all planting in as their nature is similar to the moon’s moist nature. When possible, choose a water sign for all planting, but check that the phase suits the plant type and your desired result. Also, avoid planting, especially annuals or sowing seeds, in the last moon phase. The small decreasing moon makes for slow germination and delayed or stunted growth.

Irrigation and fertilising is always indicated on these days as being effective and long lasting, so are especially beneficial for sandy and ‘oily’ soils. Irrigate deeply on the fertile days, particularly in the dry season. During the increasing moon roots readily take moisture up stems and into leaves. During the waning phase the roots hold water and fertiliser, as it acts like a mulch and keeps roots cool.

Cancer – the Crab: this is good period for kitchen garden planting, including all fruits, vegetables and herbs. In the first phase, plant and sow leafy produce like herbs and brassicas. In the second phase, plant fruit with internal seeds, like tomatoes, marrows, gooseberries and cucumbers. Also in this phase, plant out mature vegetable seedlings into beds or containers. In the third phase, after full to last quarter, plant root vegetables like carrots, leeks, potatoes, turnips and beetroot. Transplant trees and shrubs and repot plants. Trap slugs and snails in the third or last quarter.

Scorpio – the Scorpion: this is a good period for all planting, (second only to Cancer), and produces high yields of fruit and seeds, especially berries and tomatoes. Planting in this sign also produces strong roots, sturdy stems and vines for peas, beans, melons and pumpkins. Scorpio is good for flower production, but rather choose Libra for fragrant flowers, like roses. Transplant and repot annuals, biennials, perennials and trees after the full moon phase. In the third or last quarter pest control of hard shell insects is especially effective.

Pisces – the Fish: this is a good period for planting drought-resistant plants, such as succulents and indigenous species, and conversely also aquatic or semi-aquatic species. This sign also encourages stable roots, so is excellent for root vegetables and tubers. It is also a good period for transplanting seedlings. Planting in this sign encourages bushiness and good fruit production. Avoid planting or sowing root vegetables on the few days before new moon as this often produces misshapen plants.