Air signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

These are BARREN, not fertile and generally not ideal for planting in, except for Libra, which is considered semi-fertile – see other exceptions below.
Gemini – the Twins: this period promotes the pollination of grains and grasses, which is successful when planted in this semi-barren sign, late in the first phase or early in the second phase. Experienced moon gardeners often wait for the second day of the sign of ‘the twins’ to plant their beans and peas, as the moist Cancer moon days follow, make sure seeds are kept moist during the following four barren days.

Libra – the Scales: this is a SEMI-FERTILE period and ideal to plant for beautiful blooms, cut flowers and fragrance. Plant flowering annuals, perennials, trees and deciduous fruit in the second phase. It is also good for vine growth – like peas, beans, gourds and cucurbits. It is good for transplanting and dividing in the third phase.

Aquarius – the Water Bearer: this period is most effective for weed and pest control in the third and fourth phases. Lightly prune or pinch plants in the first or second phase to increase growth. Plant exotics or hybrids which favour dryness only in the second phase. Some say this is the second best choice to plant orchids, with Libra a better period, for beauty.