Fire signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

These are considered VERY BARREN and not good for planting, with Sagittarius and Aries considered less barren for specific plants that flourish with less water.

Aries – the Ram: in this period only good to germinate seeds or sow for seed production and best in the first phase. It is better for hot vegetables and fruit seed production and to sow indigenous flower seeds. Vegetables (like leafy salads) and herbs planted in this sign often bolt or flower too quickly. It is better to clear, weed, cultivate soil or do pest control – especially larvae in early spring – during the waning phase.

Leo – the Lion: NO PLANTING IN ANY PHASE EVER during this period. This is the most barren sign and only suited for reducing and removing. Best for pest control, harvesting, controlled burns and turning compost in the third or fourth phase. An excellent period to destroy or remove aliens and invasive species.

Sagittarius – the Archer: when in the first phase, sow hot vegetable seeds (leafy ones, like chives and spicy leaves); in the second phase sow/plant seedlings like, spring onions, mustard leaves, rocket, chilli varieties, capsicum peppers, leeks, stem type cacti and succulents. In the third phase plant seedlings of onions, spring onions, garlic, leeks, horseradish, also to transplant bulbous succulents and in the last quarter harvest, clear beds, weed, and control pests.