The moon and the zodiac

When the moon is in a particular zodiac sign, it describes the tone, ‘nature’ or energy of all living things for that period and lasts approximately 2.25 days).

Planting, according to the phases of the moon, is the foundation and basis of lunar gardening. As you establish a rhythm of gardening or any activity to the phases of the mood, you’ll notice the results of feeling and being more ‘in sync’ with the rhythm of life.

Yet to fine tune and embrace the complete method of ‘being in tune with the moon; ancient observers considered the ‘divisions’ of the sky that the moon passes through in each 29.5 day cycle. These divisions, the signs of the zodiac, are a period of time of around 2.25- 2.5 days that occur within the four main moon phases and give the detail needed to pinpoint timing for specific results.

As with phase gardening, the principles are easy to follow when you refer to Moonlight Calendar to track the moon. Start by experimenting and follow the suggested activities in the phases. Make notes of the signs as you garden and see for yourself if there are any noticeable differences. Then go onto scheduling chores in sync with specific signs – all you need is detailed below:

In one lunar cycle, the moon travels the twelve signs of the zodiac (as the sun does in a year). The signs are grouped into the elements of nature.

The elements are the essence of all matter. Plants, herbs, minerals, water and all living matter have the same basic composition of fire, earth, air and water.