Physical & Emotional Effects

The Moon also has an influence in on the physical and emotional level of life; and is a powerful symbol of feminine energy. The moon represents fertility, motherhood, womanhood and babies. The monthly cycle of the moon mirrors the 28 day menstrual cycle. It is believed that before the influence of modern lighting that the two cycles coincided. In addition the waxing and waning of the Moon is also symbolic of conception, pregnancy and birth – similar to the growth cycle of plants.

Everyone has felt the emotional power of the full moon in romance, documented in song lyrics, music and movies. The moon represents what we love and need, how we feel, our responses and reactions fluctuate according to the Moon in the signs and in the cycle and how we affect others and their reactions.

Whether you are feeling positive or negative – feeling up or down, understanding the fluctuating nature of the moon (specifically your personal moon sign) will help you relate on a more conscious level. Negative or pent up, suppressed emotions are also often released in rage and frustration around Full Moon, and often called PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome). It has been reported and believed that at Full Moon phase emergency rooms and police callouts are often at higher volume.
Individuals with strong moon nature are often sensitive (to self and others) with creative and nurturing tendencies, are often drawn to work in service of the public, whether as nurses, in retail, especially in food – baking, catering, and restaurant, food technology or food gardeners or dairy farmers.

Those with strong inclinations to these characteristics usually have a strong influence of the Moon in their personal horoscope chart through the sign of Cancer (Sun/Moon or rising sign) The moon is also associated with the breasts, breastfeeding – milk and babies, also digestion and gut reactions.

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