Before we detail specifics of how you can use the Moon, it’s important to know the position and phase of the Moon in the sky on any given day. The easiest way to gain this information is from a Moon calendar, set for your specific time zone. Moonlight Calendar is the ideal annual planner, set for South Africa time and has several features to help you be In Tune with the Moon.



This annual poster-size calendar is produced by well-known moon-gardening specialist, Ilona Thorndike. The 2015 version is the tenth edition and is now printed in full-colour.

Moonlight Calendar continues to be the first reference for gardeners, farmers, fishermen, planners, naturalists, and for those who enjoy being in tune with the moon's cycles to schedule a variety of activities – either by phase, sign or fertility mode.

Moonlight Calendar shows the dates, days of the week and the South Africa time (CAT) of lunar cycles for the year.

Moonlight Calendar features:
•    a photo of the daily moon
•    the exact times of the four main moon phases
•    the exact times that the moon changes zodiac signs
•    colour coding showing the “fertility” rating of every day
•    void-of-course times (the no-action periods) before a zodiac sign changes
•    a brief description for gardening activities for each zodiac sign in both the waxing and waning phases
•    the mood-energy of the moon in each zodiac sign.

Price: R90 includes pack & postage.
Special offer: 3 Calendars @ R198 (only till 18 Dec 2014).

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