Moonlight Calendar

Is an annual poster size calendar, produced by well-known moon-gardening specialist, Ilona Thorndike. The 2018 edition of this popular and practical colour printed poster begins a new zodiac cycle with a new fresh look and is lighter, brighter and even easier to read. . Find us on Facebook Moontime in the Moonlight - by Ilona Thorndike

Moonlight Calendar continues to be the first reference for gardeners, farmers, fishermen, planners, naturalists, and for those who enjoy being in tune with the moon's cycles to schedule a variety of activities – either by phase, sign or fertility mode.

All the moon times, for the moon phases and changes in zodiac signs on Moonlight Calendar are set for South Africa Standard Time (SAST). SAST is the time zone used by all of South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. SAST is the same as Central Africa Time(CAT) and Eastern European Time(EET) , which is two hours ahead of UTC (UTC+2.) How to read your calendar 

 Moonlight Calendar features: 

• the shape of the daily moon
• the exact times of the four main moon phases
• the exact times that the moon changes zodiac signs. More about the zodiac.
• a colour coded bar shows the "fertility" rating of the day
• void-of-course times (the no-action periods) before a zodiac sign changes. More about void-of-course moon
• a brief description for gardening activities for each zodiac sign in both the waxing and waning phases
• the mood-energy of the moon in each zodiac sign.

• how to read your calendar. 

 Specifically for gardeners is a colour code which guides the timing of a range of gardening activities, from planting to harvesting for every day according to the element and zodiac sign position of the daily moon. Moonlight has become a critical guide for a growing number of organic vegetable gardeners around the country, both amateur and professional.

Moonlight 2017 also includes the Void-of-Course moon times, known as "the dead period" just before the moon changes zodiac sign, which varies from a few minutes to a several hours, and which is helpful to know (and avoid) when scheduling important meetings, purchases, or planting – no matter the fertility sign.

There's also some general information on the moon cycle, info on "Daily navigating by the moon" and also "How to read your Calendar"